Trio Of Trees for the Raspberry Pi Pico

This is my new product for 2023! Three trees (left = red, centre = amber, right = green) that you can connect to a Pico and program in micropython.


You can buy it from the Raspberry Pi Store in Cambridge and also from my Etsy store.


You just need a Pico with header pins (e.g. a Pico H), a micro-USB cable and a PC with which to program the Pico.


Each tree has different coloured LEDs:


The Trio comes with printed instructions (crocheted blanket not included!):


You can also buy a version on my Etsy store that needs a small amount of soldering for the 20-way connector (thank you to Stephen Swindley for the photo):


I sent a Trio to Brian Corteil who made a three-button console (below) to connect to the GPIO pins and brought it to the November 2023 CamJam. Whilst there, Rob Bricheno coded a fantastic version of ‘Simon’ for the the tree + buttons…. you can see more in this tweet and find Rob’s code on Github.



Finally, Big Les kindly featured the Trio on the first day of his Maker Advent!